Ole Martin Huser-Olsen

" (...) the norwegian guitar virtuoso Ole Martin Huser-Olsen gave us quiet and extravagant sensations (...)" Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Ole Martin Huser-Olsen, (b. 1986) is a Norwegian classical guitarist. He has an MA in Classical Guitar Performance from the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he was also awarded the highest mark for his concertant exam.

He has toured large parts of Norway, among which are a concert in Edvard Grieg's home Troldhaugen and annual recitals at Den norske opera - Oslo Opera House (2008-2011), Scandinavia and Germany. He has given concerts in Los Angeles, Helsinki, the prestigious Centre Pompidou in Paris, Unerhörte Musik in Berlin, Rome, Copenhagen amongst many other cities.

Often heard as a soloist, Ole Martin also enjoys collaborating with other musicians, like renowned barytone Knut Skram, Trondheimsolistene, Ensemble Ernst, Ensemble Aksiom and many other up-and-coming young classical musicians in Norway. With his debut as an orchestral soloist in 2012, he has proven that he commands and has a passion for the richness of musical history, with a repertoire spanning from the Rennaissance to Modernism and reaching up to the freshest of contemporary music.

Ole Martin has published two recordings with the ensemble Aksiom (LAWO, 2016 and Mere Records 2018). A recording featuring the music of the norwegian composer Martin Rane Bauck (LAWO, 2019) is soon to be released.

He has worked as freelance musician since 2012.


Curriculum Vitae


2010-2012: Performing Master's from The Norwegian Academy of Music

2006-2010: Performing Bachelor's from The Norwegian Academy of Music

2005-2006: Performing musician and conductor of two children's choirs 

2003-2005: Musical specialization at Greåker High School, Sven Lundestad as tutor



2008-2012: Prof. Jan Danielsen

2003-2008: Prof. Sven Lundestad


Private Tutelage/Master Class - a selection:

Liv Glaser, Hopkinson Smith, Håvard Gimse, Fabio Zanon, Rolf Lislevand, Eliot Fisk, Pablo Marquez, Olav Anton Thommessen, Bjørn Kruse, Erik Stenstadvold, Are Sandbakken, Lorenzo Micheli



Background image by Rolf Grieg.